Family Partnership

It is the goal of North Texas Christian to partner with families, as we believe families are a valuable resource for teachers, and provide an important support system for their child’s education. To accomplish this goal, North Texas Christian offers opportunities that enable families to become a part of their child’s education. A quality “home to school” partnership in preschool can maximize a child’s educational achievements. Families and teachers working together can provide the support that every child needs to succeed.

Families are highly encouraged to join us for Orientation and Open House to allow teachers to introduce themselves and get to know families in a personal way. These functions also enable families to learn more about North Texas Christians’ programs and our commitment to excellence. Open House is way for teachers and families to introduce students to their new adventure in preschool. Students will be able to explore their classrooms and have hands-on interaction with other students and teachers.

Families are invited to participate in quarterly Parent/Teacher Conferences to discuss student’s performances and to establish new goals and teaching strategies, to ensure a thorough learning experience for each child.

For enrolled students, folders will be sent home daily with children to keep parents informed of learning activities. Families are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher on a daily basis to ensure consistency in “home to school” development. Weekly “Evaluation/Success” forms help parents view their child’s success and progress in the classroom as well as providing any materials that can be reinforced at home.
Daily “Evaluation/Success” forms will be sent home with infants. This form will include of records of feedings, bowel movements, nap times and daily progresses, such as crawling or walking.

“Home to school” is enriched through our Partnering Parents Program (P.P.P.). P.P.P. allows parents to become an aid in every day school activities. The P.P.P. is a parent involvement initiative of North Texas Christian Early Education Center that organizes parents in order to provide positive adult role models for the students and to enhance school security. (Background checks are required for all parents participating in this program.)We also invite parents to schedule a time to share their areas of expertise, whether it’s a profession, hobby or special skill.

Monthly newsletters will be sent home and posted on the lobby “News Board” to inform parents of upcoming events, programs, fundraisers and class accomplishments.

North Texas Christian also offers occasional fellowship opportunities including: Moms and Muffins, Dads and Donuts, Siblings and Sherbet, Families and Fajitas as well as Family Fun Night complete with games, movies and snacks.

Ways to Partner

Please call the Director prior to joining us for:

  • Morning Chapel
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Holiday Parties
  • Bible Story Time
  • Share special interests/hobbies/profession
  • Partnering Parents Program (Sign-up and background check required)



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